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The most beautiful of our days – a history of education it's a project presented by Progettinfanzia Bassa Reggiana association with Istoreco andDGB Bildungswerk Hessen Frankfurt instituteand financed by the European Commission within the programme CERV (Citizenship, Equality, Rights, Values).

The most beautiful of our days - a history of education” is a project that intends to deepen and raise awareness of the history of educational services for 0-6 people in the Reggio Emilia area, promoting common values, female participation, great sensitivity towards the community's childhood culture and care for the educational environment that this territory has expressed since ancient times and which, in particular from the post-war period onwards, has created the conditions for excellent services recognized throughout the world.
The European Commission assessed this experience as fully representative of European values and good practices, and considered knowing its origins and history an important contribution to building greater awareness around European citizenship.

Progettinfanzia Bassa Reggiana is an association of the Municipalities of Boretto, Brescello, Gualtieri, Guastalla, Luzzara, Novellara, Poviglio and Reggiolo, in the Province of Reggio Emilia, whose aim is to contribute to the development of pedagogical culture and educational services for children, while paying particular attention to issues related to democracy and children's rights.

L’Istituto per la storia della Resistenza and the contemporary society (Istoreco) founded in Reggio Emilia in 1965, it joins the national network of Institutes for the history of the Resistance and the contemporary age. The coordination was created with the aim of protecting and enhancing the documentary heritage and memories of the War of Liberation in Italy and more generally of the entire Twentieth century.

DGB Bildungswerk Hessen e.V. is an association, based in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), bringing together several Hessian educational institutions that are committed to common quality standards. The association addresses the issues of a society characterized by inequality, exploitation and competition, analyzes the causes and seeks common opportunities for change. With its educational work it contributes to the construction of a democratic, supportive, just and sustainable society in Germany and in the world.

Participating in the implementation of the project, as associated partners:

ANPI Luzzara, ARCI Reggio Emilia, resistenza.de | Verein zur Förderung alternativer Medien e.V. Erlangen, Radio-RumoreWeb, Istituto regionale per ciechi “G. Garibaldi”, il Coordinamento Pedagogico della Bassa Reggiana.

The institutional partners of the project are:
The Unione dei Comuni Bassa Reggiana and the Reggio Emilia Province.

The most beautiful of our days

The project aims to combine the information and documentary resources of the research carried out, making them available in an organic and organized way, in order to enhance and make known in a widespread way the historical events that are at the basis of the birth of the 0-6 education system in the Reggio Emilia territory.

With this documentary corpus we intend to create a dissemination tool, the podcast, necessary to reach a large audience, recounting historical events in an engaging and narrative way.

Through the valorization of female representation and perspective it is possible to convey the message that this historical event, generally little known and on which little in-depth studies have been conducted, is extremely significant as active citizenship, democratic and inclusive values can contribute positively to political decisions and to the affirmation of rights, both at a local and European level.