A long relay race

A long relay race is the podcast in three episodes that about how the 0-6 educational services were born in Reggio Emilia.


A long relay race it was written by Agnese Spinelli.
Producer: Alexia Salati for Progettinfanzia
Consulenza storica: Adriano Arati, Massimo Storchi e Steffen Kreuseler – Istoreco

Sound Design and editing: Giuseppe Pugliese – Insomnia Studios
Post production: Giuseppe Pugliese, Adriano Arati

For the Italian version:
Voices: Cecilia Di Donato, Luca Cattani – Centro Teatrale MaMiMò

For the English version:
Voices: Maria Francesca Rossi e Riccardo Bursi, Centro Teatrale MaMiMò
Also Thanks to Antonia De Marco e Gianna Fontanesi

For the German Version
Voices: Nadja Bennewitz, Heike Demmel, Chris Bellaj, Marco Schrage
Sound Design and editing: Giuseppe Pugliese – Insomnia Studios, Heike Demmel
Post production: Chris Bellaj
Also thanks to Dieter Binz.

A long relay race is carried out as part of the European project The Most Beautiful of Our Days.

Thanks to Giacomina Castagnetti, Loretta Giaroni, Marta Lusuardi, Jone Bartoli, Maura Bussei, Manuela Davoli, Mariangela Brocchetti.

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